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The road to innovation


19. February 2019.

La Vida Duna conference room

1. Dunavirág Str. Budapest 1138

Dare to develop!

The road to innovation


19. February 2019. La Vida Duna conference room 1. Dunavirág Str. Budapest 1138

How to start innovation?

This 50-minutes’ lecture will inspire you with practical tools on HOW to start innovation effectively. The process of innovation is highly relevant in their professional capacity; and it is a process that many struggle to master: “What is the right moment?” “How do I discover what customers want?” “How do I get breakthrough ideas?” “How do I get internal support?” The famous lecture takes an original approach to show how you can innovate the expedition way! Innovation author and LinkedIn Influencer Gijs van Wulfen, from the Netherlands, draws parallels between mankind’s greatest explorations in history and modern-day innovation. Gijs van Wulfen will talk on “How Columbus discovered America; how Hillary reached the summit of Everest; and how Neil Armstrong got to be the first man on the Moon”.

Their remarkable stories of exploration and how they overcame unexpected setbacks will inspire you to innovate with a new mindset in a structured way according to the FORTH innovation methodology. FORTH is a customer-oriented and inspiring innovation expedition to create new business cases for innovative products, services and business models. It combines business thinking and design thinking. The scientifically proven method is used worldwide and described in his innovation bestseller “The Innovation Expedition”, published in English, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

Gijs Van Wulfen

Global speaker on innovation | Founder FORTH innovation methodology

Gijs van Wulfen is a recognised authority and keynote speaker on innovation and Design Thinking. He is an illustrative lyrical storyteller with an articulate informal style, which is full of humour, entertainment and insight. He has been keynoting for companies like 3M (USA), AIRBUS Group (France), ENZEN (India) and BIlfinger (Netherlands). He’s a regular speaker at big innovation conferences like ‘The South African Innovation Summit, ‘The Turkish Innovation Week’, ‘The Polish Innovation Day’ and ‘The 3rd Innovation Forum’ in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

He is the founder of the FORTH innovation method and help organisations to jump start innovation by facilitating this effective method. It helps them creating a culture for innovation. His clients are both companies in industry and services and non profit organisations looking for innovative products, – services, business models or new markets. His focus is on new product development, new service development, innovation strategy and innovation management. Gijs has 300.000 + followers on LinkedIn

Innovation methods

in the Silicon Valley and back at home

What innovative methods can a traditional company use to inspire a worker in a Silicon Valley and in Central Europe? What do you need to get the breakthrough ideas out of the box and get it done like in a startup? Can best practices used in the Silicon Valley be transposed to a large corporate environment with fast-developing, fruitful good practices? Can the involvement of hundreds of people for 48 hours help move things? How is it worth encouraging and rewarding the creators of creative solutions? Asking and responding to such questions and answers meet Priszcilla, the CEO of Be-Novative, who has collected her experiences both as a global leader of a global joint venture working and through with in projects with a large number of Fortune500 corporate clients..

Priszcilla Várnagy


Co-founder and managing director of Be-novative, supporting organizational creativity. The winner of the Singularity University (located in the NASA’s Research Park) Global Impact Competition of Central- and South-East European Region in 2012. Be-novative is a worldwide new app. With the help of the app an organisation’s colleagues or masses playfully can collect and evaluate their innovative ideas in order to realize them more quickly together.

Innovation Marathon – Innovation in the services of developing organisational culture

This case study will introduce to a large-scale innovation competition initiative at Knorr-Bremse with tangible culture shaping results.

Dr. Attila Kovács

Development Director | Knorr-Bremse Vasúti Járműrendszerek Hungária

As for the development director of Knorr-Bremse Railway Vehicle Systems Hungária in today’s fast paced economic and industrial environment, the introduction of new and effective methodologies is the greatest challenge of his work (as opposed to just adopting proven work methodologies).

His aim is to create a corporate atmosphere, where innovations and patents can be born that are listed on the international scene, signalling the creativity of highly qualified Hungarian engineers.

Tivadar Tavaszi

Managing Director | Knorr-Bremse Vasúti Járműrendszerek Hungária

Managing Director of Knorr-Bremse Railway Vehicle Systems Hungária. He works in different technical functions at the syndicate since 1997. Innovation has always played an important role in his life. Currently he and his teams are looking for answers – with the help of industry 4.0 – how they can meet the unique customer needs quickly, at full satisfaction and with the smallest resources.

Katalin Lévai

Head of Innovation Management Business Line | Human Telex Consulting Kft.

Katalin works as an organization development consultant since 2001. Since 2017 she is the leader of the innovation management business line within Human telex Consulting.

One of the main focus of her business is developing a culture of innovation. In recent years, she was one of the leaders of the Knorr-Bremse Innovation Marathon program and took part in the FORTH innovation project of the University of Miskolc. Several lectures and a vocational publication are connected to her name in this topic.


Renewed R & D and Innovation Policy and Financing Opportunities.

Dr. István Szabó

Vice President for Innovation and General Management | National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Economist and the Vice President of National Research, Development and Innovation Office from October 1st 2018.

Previously he headed the Ministry of Human Resources and Higher Education- Strategic Research Department from January 2017, and before that he was the leader of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Analysis and Information Department for 5 years.

Ready for the future?

Create a culture of innovation?

How to challenge the status quote? Innovative organizations and systems demands a total new mindset of the employees. It requires an entrepreneurial mindset. One that recognize opportunities, on that can translate these opportunities into value for others and motivates others to work with them, resulting in the creation of sustainable impact for your organization.

Lindsy Szilvasi (NL)

Keynote Speaker | Innovation Program Manager | STUDIO.WHY | Xoogler |

Lindsy started her career at Google in 2014 as Online Operations Specialist and Innovation Space Manager. Her role at Google has spanned from creating innovative solutions for user experience of Google’s advertising policy, facilitating innovation workshops and design sprints, leading Google EMEA’s first Innovation & Creativity Space, and building a thriving innovation ecosystem. Lindsy’s passion is to inspire others to drive innovation and change with sustainable impact, and she continues to focus on this an Innovation Program Manager and coach offering training programs for young professionals and organisations at the Dutch Design School STUDIO.WHY.

When employees design their own

performance appraisal system?

The presentation will introduce Corina’s work towards bringing innovation in HR, adopting and spreading innovative ways of working, focusing both on people and business, empowering employees to redesign their own experience and HR programs. Participants will learn about how Orange Romania has transformed its performance appraisal system and how Orange Europe transformed its career development approach in the framework of a bottom-up innovation process.

Corina Ghiaţău (RO)

organizational development manager

Corina Ghiatau is passionate about innovation applied in transforming people’s life. With more than 15 years of experience in HR and a background in Psychology and Coaching, she designed and implemented programs like Employee Experience, Wellbeing, Engagement or Talent Management in Romania, Poland and France. Now she is leading the Organizational Devlopment function in Orange Romania, promoting different methods which can unleash the human potential.

How could we get on the map?

The Faculty of Materials Science at the Miskolc University is a small but professionally recognized and renowned faculty with the highest paid first-time job-earners. The management of the university has provided the faculty with the opportunity to launch a four-month innovation process with the help of the FORTH methodology to promote greater visibility, better economies of scale, close market relationships and future scientific success. The FORTH process itself is a “journey” that was carried out by a 12-member team of the faculty – our case study introduces this journey.

Ákos Zala

(managing director, Human Telex Consulting)

Managing director of Human Telex Consulting, consultant, the first FORTH master facilitator.

Dr. csaba Deák

(chancellor, Miskolc University)

Chancellor of the Miskolc University, previously the strategic vice-president of the National Innovation Bureau.

Dr. lászló Varga

(head of institute, Miskolc University)

A Head of Institute at the Miskolc University, project manager of the FORTH project at the Material Sciences Faculty.

Maze of innovation –

Roundtable discussion

Antónia Mészáros

UNICEF Hungary | Managing Director

Antónia Mészros is the managing director of UNICEF Hungary, communications specialist, writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker. Earlier she ran news background programs at ATV, and at MTV, such as Straight Talking, Free Eyes, Start, and The Evening programs. She lived six years in London, where she worked for BBC as an editor-reporter, in the Panorama, a political background program.

She was a war correspondent, often worked in dangerous zones, where she mostly did the cinematography work by herself. In 2006 she wrote a book called “Nomads of the Union” about Eastern European workers’ stories in employment in Great Britain after the accession of Hungary to the EU. From 2000 until 2007, she regularly published in Népszabadság (Hungarian political daily paper) . She continued her studies Department of English and Communication in ELTE and Trinity College in the US state of Connecticut.

András Fischer

OTP LAB, OTP Bank| Head of department

Andras joined OTP Bank in 2015, and has been the head of the Bank’s innovation center OTP LAB since 2017, where expert staff, start-ups, innovative technology-based companies and educational institutions work together to develop future banking products and services. He and his colleagues aim to maximize the innovation potential of the bank in such a way that bank employees are the engines of innovation.

Zsolt Oltványi

Mentes Cukrászüzem | HEAD OF DEPARTMENT

Since 2010 he has been running an online marketing agency and since 2013 he has been the managing director and professional manager of the Mentes confectionery factory.

In 2016 he won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and became a professional consultant in the FIVOSZ (Young entrepreneurs) Gastro Committee, and since 2018 he has been the head of the committee. He has full-scale experience in brand building, sales and company management as well as an expert in the Hungarian health-conscious industry sector.

Key to the success of a business: a persistent and always credible “conscience”/behaviour.

Balázs Fürjes


Balazs Fürjes is an Innovation Ecosystem Builder, currently working at EIT Health, the dedicated ‘health’ innovation network of the European Committee. Successfully launched sustainable business models involving businesses, NGOs and government. 20+ years of experience in the competitive business environment on executive and board level.

Within EIT Health he is InnoStars Managing Director, responsible for partners in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Wales (U.K). In addition, he is in charge of the development of innovation ecosystems in 20 cities around Eastern-, Central- and Southern Europe, as well as developing partnership programs with US, Israel and China.

Prior to this he was the CEO of Századvég Economic Research, the leading policy think tank in Hungary, and president of the state-owned National Asset Management company. Before that he worked in energy, telecommunications and at The Boston Consulting Group. He holds degrees from INSEAD (MBA), Technical University of Budapest (engineering), ELTE (law).

Conference Host

Balázs Lévai

Director, Producer and Program Host | Member of the Hungarian Film Academy

After fifteen years of working in TV broadcasting he changed to the film industry. He mainly produces music-inspired films and documentaries, moreover he hosts cultural and scientific events. Kispál és a Borz, Quimby, Tankcsapda, 30Y, Csík Band, Wellhello, Halott Pénz, Punnany Massif – they are just a few of the music band names he worked with as their producer.

His feature film # Sohavégetnemérõs, won a prize at the Hungarian Film Week in 2017. Two Volume interviews (Bestseller I-II.), A biographical book (András Lovasi) and a novel (Beállás) also already been published.

1015 Budapest, Toldy Ferenc utca 16/C.

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